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  Arrow Platts Commodities Bulletin
Platts Commodities Bulletin is a daily email, compiling a regional round-up of the top, most recent news, in-depth features, information on Platts events, and a summary of what's new on platts.com.
  Arrow Regional Commodity News,
Data and Analysis - Africa Review
Platts Regional News, Data and Analysis monthly email gives you a comprehensive wrap-up of all the essential news, data and analysis in some of the ever changing commodity markets. Here Platts accumulated expertise will help you find out and understand what’s really going on in essential markets such as oil, petrochemicals, power, gas, agriculture, and metals.
  Arrow Platts Subscriber Notes
Platts Subscriber Notes alerts are issued to inform readers of upcoming changes related to markets that Platts reports on, as well as requests for comment on planned new assessments, and announcements that assessments will be discontinued.

Subscriber Note Alerts will now be sent by Commodity, Region, and Subscriber Note Type. Please feel free to select all combinations you wish to receive and note that if you wish to receive this alert type you must make at least one selection from each section.
  Arrow Platts New and
Discontinued Price
Symbols Alert
Platts New and Discontinued Price Symbol Alerts are issued when Platts launches new assessments. You will receive email alerts about the new assessments with the corresponding symbols.
  Arrow Platts Correction Alerts
Platts Correction Alerts is a daily email alert of corrections for assessments issued over the previous 24 hours.
  Arrow Platts Holiday
Schedule Alert

Platts Holiday Schedule Alert email is sent out on Fridays. This alert includes information about the world's regional and national holidays whose observation will impact the publishing of Platts' assessments, newsletters and news wires over the following week.
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