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Cut through the flux and complexity of the markets
to see into the world of metals. Metals Week will
give you the edge you need; opening up the world
of copper, aluminium, other base and precious
metals - all the way along the supply chain.

Short-term insight, long-term wisdom

Keep track daily and weekly of more than 350 price points, including our own assessments as well as data from key exchanges. Platts assessments are based on open methodologies and are used throughout the market as the accepted standard to connect counterparties and provide transparency around transactions.

If it matters, you'll find out in Metals Week. In-depth commentary and analysis from our dedicated editorial team means you'll always be fully alert of price movements and their drivers - regionally and internationally, from exploration and extraction to contracts and consumption.

Metals Week has four new daily spot metallurgical and smelter grade alumina price assessments.

  • Platts Alumina Index (PAX) Australia
  • Platts Alumina Index (PAX) China Import
  • Platts Alumina Index (PAX) China Domestic
  • Platts Alumina Index (PAX) Australia to China Freight Rate

Better decision-making for all
parts of the market

Your decision-making depends on access to the right information and a subscription to Metals Week delivers that straight to your desktop - with two daily market-closing summaries from London and the US, weekly insights from Metals Week and detailed monthly price averages.

  • 81% of our news and market commentary section readers rely on it to keep abreast on industry events
  • 75% of Metals Week aluminium information users subscribe to it for aluminium pricing, news and market commentary
  • 68% of Metals Week copper information users subscribe to it for copper pricing, news and market commentary
  • nearly half of Metals Week aluminium information users agree that it is highly valuable for aluminium price assessments; and a third agree it is highly valuable for aluminium market news and commentary.*

Who reads Metals Week?

  • Traders, Brokers and Marketers
  • Risk Managers
  • Producers and Consumers
  • Executives

Your success depends on getting the best in metals pricing assessments and market news; find it in Metals Week. Subscribe online today for US$1480.50 – a saving of 10%.

SOURCE: Platts Metals Week Readership Survey 2009.
*Highly valuable: those who answered 9 or 10 on a 10-point scale where 1 is "Not at all valuable" and 10 is "Extremely valuable"



As part of your subscription, you'll also recieve London Close Edition, U.S. Close Edition and Monthly Price Report.

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